Katas – Dojo Exercises

Our unique offering integrates traditional coaching methods and AI-based technology, creating a synergy that produces more than just momentary insights. Its goal is sustained growth and mastery. Reflecting on Bruce Lee’s wisdom, “I fear not those who have practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear those who have practiced one kick 10,000 times,” we understand that true mastery comes from focused, repetitive practice. In line with this philosophy, our AI-based interactive exercises are designed to promote such mastery.

While our person-centered and systemic approaches lay the foundational values and strategies, our AI-based exercises act as the “10,000 kicks”—they’re the repetitive, focused practice that elevates skills from mere understanding to true mastery. These exercises provide a safe, yet challenging, virtual space for individuals and teams to apply what they’ve learned, iterate, and refine their skills. They offer real-time feedback and adapt to a team’s evolving dynamics, giving each person the opportunity to practice their “one kick” in various scenarios.

Public Katas

These katas are not specific to any client and can be used by anyone who wants to grow their agile mastery. The first kata is about your own self-empowerment – a fundamental starting point for growth. The other katas are about your mastery in collaborating with others.

While the first kata is provided for access without password, please contact us for the password to the others: info [at] agiledojo.net.

Empowering Yourself (access without password)

Empowering Others

Mastering Stakeholder Challenges

Developing Agile Role Relations

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